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Rebels Claim Rocket Attack on Airbase Used By Russia

Attack by armed opposition faction on Syrian coastal facility follows reports of a Russian military buildup inside the country
Rebels Claim Rocket Attack on Airbase Used By Russia

The Army of Islam has claimed it fired several rockets at an airport on the Syrian coast allegedly used by Russian troops, AP reported.

In a video posted by the prominent rebel group on Friday, members can be seen warning Russia that they will not enjoy peace in Syria. Fighters are then are filmed loading and launching multiple rockets from a mountainous area.

“We declare that we are targeting the Basel airport that has been turned into a Russian base,” a fighter says while standing in front of a rocket launcher.

Earlier this week, new satellite imagery purportedly showed the recent arrival of Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers and other military equipment at an air base in Syria's coastal Lattakia province, confirming reports by the US, Israeli and other officials of a Russian military buildup.

The imagery also confirms new and extensive construction, including a new runway being built at the air base inside the Basel Assad International Airport, Lattakia.

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