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Reasons Behind the Withdrawal From Kassab

Statement says some battles are won and some are lost
Reasons Behind the Withdrawal From Kassab

The operations room overseeing the battle in Anfal announced an end to the battle in a statement on Tuesday.


The statement explained the reasons behind the opposition's withdrawal from Kassab in the far north-west, after consultation with all the fighting factions who lacked the qualitative weapons and the support.


The statement said that the fighters held their positions for three months against Russian militias, Iranian fighters and Syrian regime army.


They managed to liberate several areas in the "backyard of Assad's regime", it said, adding that "everyone whose interests intersected with the Assad regime abandoned the Coastal Front and felt the seriousness of this victory".


The statement explained that the fighters were able to kill the commander of the National Defense Forces in Kassab, Hilal Assad, and a large number of officers and commanders, in an-Nabain, Chalma and Kassab.


"We do not accuse any jihadist faction of betrayal, and may God reward the indescribable sacrifices of the jihadists of the coast and those who supported them," the rebel statement said.


"The war is not just one battle, sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. Our jihad will continue to the day of judgment, and those who let us down cannot harm us. Don’t let a victory mislead you, don’t let a defeat disappoint you. We promise we will bring the news that will please every Muslim and disappoint his enemy," it concluded.


The Nusra Front, Ansar ash-Sham and Ahrar ash-Sham, with the Islamic Front, as well as the Sham al-Islam Movement launched the Anfal Battle three months ago to destroy the strongholds of Shabbiha paramilitaris on the Syrian coast.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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