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"Save the Rest" Campaign Remembers Detainees

Imitation bank notes used to raise awareness of regime-held detainees
"Save the Rest" Campaign Remembers Detainees

A new step saw Damascene activists restore the peaceful movement to the neighborhoods of the Syrian capital in a campaign called "Save the Rest".


Rawan – an activist from Damascus – explained flyers were distributed to nearly 10 neighborhoods in Damascus, including al-Muhajireen, a-Midan, Mashru Dummar, Rukn al-Din, Baramkeh, Fahhame, Abou Rummaneh, al-Maliki, ash-Shaalan and al-Halbouni.


To draw the attention of passersby, the flyers were in the form of 500 pounds imitation bank notes – containing a Syrian banknote on one side, and carrying banners calling for the recall of civilians, women and children detainees in regime's prisons on the other side.


"This campaign, which takes us back to the basis of peaceful revolution, highlights the suffering of detainees in Assad's prisons, despite the tightening of security – especially in the capital – and the scarcity of activists who work secretly", Rawan adds.


"Not everything under the ground is dead, there are thousands of lives waiting to be saved", "I am a detainee, do not forget me", and "Did you know that an average of 10 martyrs die every day inside Assad's prisons?", were three of the slogans used.


Around 2,000 detainees were killed in regime prisons and security headquarters since the beginning of 2014, most died under torture, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.


The Observatory declared that "1,917 detainees have been killed inside the detention centers, prisons and intelligence branches of the Syrian regime during 2014".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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