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Qadri Jamil Beaten by Intelligence

Details have emerged about what happened after Jamil gave an interview to The Guardian newspaper
Qadri Jamil Beaten by Intelligence

Circles close to the regime have reported details behind Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil's recent denial of statements he made to the British newspaper The Guardian last week.


Orient Net website said Jamil retracted the statement after he was verbally abused and beaten by one of the leaders of intelligence agencies, believed to be Major General Jamil Hassan.


Jamil told the The Guardian neither Assad nor the opposition could win the war decisively


Jamil was asked gently to appear on the Russia Today channel to deny the British newspaper report just hours after publication of the interview.


Jamil was one of Major General Hassan's team until recent years. Visitors to the Director of Air Force Intelligence in his office in Damascus have often sighted Jamil waiting for entry to the office.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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