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Private Security Companies to Begin Work in Syria

Licenses are issued by the Ministry of Interior
Private Security Companies to Begin Work in Syria

Sources have confirmed to Damas Post that Syrian authorities are studying applications from a number of private security companies for licenses to operate in Syria.


The companies have been selected and trained in a number of tasks and duties and will be assigned under the supervision of trained professionals.


Syrian President Bashar Assad earlier issued a decree allowing security companies to operate in the country.


The decree is aimed at organizing the work of security companies operating in the field of "special protection and security".


The decree said the services provided by these companies include "guarding and protection of state structures and property, documents and personnel, as well as the transfer of money, jewelry and precious metals", indicating that these services "are provided by the company duly licensed in exchange for a fee."


Licenses are issued by the Ministry of Interior.


The also decree stipulated that only Syrian companies will be granted licenses and that the capital of these companies should not be less than 50 million Syrian pounds ($500,000 according to the official exchange rate).


A company should show in its application evidence of means including arms, ammunition, equipment and other mechanisms, and should be able to detail personnel numbers and areas of operation.


The Minister of Interior, however, is to determine "weapons permitted for use, which are limited to pistols and machine guns."


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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