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Private Sector Crucial for Developing Economy: PM

Recent initiatives made possible through extension of Iranian credit line
Private Sector Crucial for Developing Economy: PM

The industrial and commercial private sector has a vital role and complements the government's role in developing National economy, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said Wednesday.


Halqi's remarks were made during a meeting with the heads of commercial, industrial and development companies, along with government agencies.


He noted the precautionary and punitive measures recently taken by the government are designed only to target those businesses seeking to exploit the crisis.


Halqi also underlined recent government initiatives to provide goods and supplies to the market, made available through the extension of an Iranian credit line. He also said that that a new credit line will be opened with Russia soon, in addition to the expansion of governmental retail outlets and market monitoring measures.


Members of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry expressed support for the new economic legislation and the government's positive intervention in the market, also calling for necessary steps to be taken to prevent the smuggling of food, consumer products, petroleum products and livestock to neighboring countries.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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