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President Assad Highlights China’s Global Role and Emphasis on Partnership

President al-Assad emphasized the significance of the Belt and Road Initiative in global development, according to al-Watan.
President Assad Highlights China’s Global Role and Emphasis on Partnership

President Bashar al-Assad commended China’s influential role on the global stage, emphasizing that when China speaks of partnership, it signifies a departure from hegemonic practices. In an interview with China Central Television (CCTV), President al-Assad underscored China’s steadfast political support for Syria in international forums, including the United Nations Security Council.

The President noted that under the current global circumstances and the harsh Western economic blockade aimed at depriving the Syrian people, it is natural to engage in a broader dialogue with China. He expressed confidence in the Syrian people’s capacity to rebuild their nation once the conflict subsides and the blockade is lifted. President al-Assad also highlighted the threats facing the region, including modern Western liberalism originating from the United States and extremism.

Reflecting on his previous visit to China, President al-Assad marvelled at the nation’s remarkable transformation. While China was once dubbed the “world’s merchandise factory,” he now characterizes it as a hub of innovation and creativity. He praised China’s enduring cultural identity and the sense of belonging to the homeland, society, customs, and traditions, emphasizing that this cultural preservation is a remarkable achievement.

The President recounted the warm reception the Syrian team received from the Chinese audience during a sports event, emphasizing the closeness of the two nations at the popular level. He acknowledged the pride of China’s great accomplishments, juxtaposed with the humility of its people.

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President al-Assad called for joint projects and the exchange of expertise between China and Syria, particularly in industrial and economic initiatives. He pointed out that China’s historical conditions were once similar to those of many Third World countries and that social and cultural concepts play a pivotal role in development.

Regarding the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), President al-Assad emphasized its significance in global development, security, and civilization. He stressed the need for institutions to collaborate and form a network to bring these initiatives to fruition on a global scale.

Discussing the situation in northeastern Syria, President al-Assad highlighted that the region is occupied by terrorists and American forces, resulting in both theft and profit-sharing. He expressed concern over a superpower partnering with terrorists and the adverse effects on Syria, including the loss of vital resources like oil and wheat.

Regarding the reconstruction of Syria, the President expressed optimism, asserting that if the rebuilding process takes place, Syria has a bright future. He cited Syria’s pre-war economic growth, minimal debt, surplus wheat production, and thriving industries as indicators of the nation’s potential for post-war recovery.

In closing, President al-Assad praised China’s significant role in global economic and political development and hailed his recent visit as highly fruitful by all measures.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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