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People’s Assembly Approves New Rules of Procedure

New committeee established to protect and care for families of martyrs
People’s Assembly Approves New Rules of Procedure

The People’s Assembly on Tuesday approved the establishment of a new permanent committee under the title 'Families of martyrs and war victims' committee', which will be responsible for taking care of the families of martyrs and injured people affected by the current crisis in the country.


The move came within the framework of a number of amendments to the Assembly’s Rules of Procedure issued on 6 June, 1974, which are in line with the new Syrian Constitution.


The Assembly also approved the addition of two articles stipulating that the membership of an MP will be suspended if he/she violates the Constitution’s basic principles, fails to attend two full sessions in one year without permission, or commits a felony or a misdemeanor.


The other article states that the Assembly’s office will prepare a report about the MPs whose membership will be dropped and submit it to the Assembly in its first session of the year in order to look into their status.


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