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People's Assembly Calls for Monitoring of Markets and Fuel Prices

Internal Trade Minister addresses queries from People’s Assembly members regarding the exploitation of circumstances inside Syria
People's Assembly Calls for Monitoring of Markets and Fuel Prices

The People’s Assembly on Wednesday listened to Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Minister Hassan Safiye respond to queries from Assembly members on the ministry’s performance and efforts.


The Assembly members stressed the need to carefully monitor markets and fuel stations while curbing arbitrary rises in prices, calling for those who exploit the circumstances in the country to be held accountable in order to curb smuggling and monopolies.


Responding to the members’ queries, Safiye said that the ministry follows up on any complaint related to infringements of fuel prices, noting that fuel stations in Damascus are limited at 13 stations, claiming that the construction of new stations are difficult due to the high prices of real-estate. Despite challenges, there are plans to open new stations, in addition to selling fuel via mobile tankers.


He said that the state’s retail outlets have been asked to sell at prices lower than market prices by 5 percent, adding that the ministry will give a 10 percent discount to purchases of over SYP 2,000 in its affiliated outlets during the first seven days of each month.

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