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Opposition Coalition Faces New Fate in Ankara

The opposition is currently considering the possibility of partially withdrawing from Turkey and relocating to Qatar, according to Athr Press.
Opposition Coalition Faces New Fate in Ankara

According to Syrian opposition sources, Ankara has openly informed the National Coalition that it is taking steps to establish ties with Damascus. This action is part of an agreed-upon plan within the Russian-Iranian track.

The opposition, encompassing all its factions, is now firmly convinced that the opening between Ankara and Damascus is unavoidable. As a result, they are deliberating on the appropriate measures to be taken in response to this development. One option being discussed is a partial withdrawal from Turkey to Qatar, which currently serves as the primary stronghold for the Syrian opposition.

Opposition Criticizes Arab League

It is important to note that the “coalition” from which an “interim government” has emerged holds limited authority on the ground. Factional chaos persists, and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) has gained increasing influence through its control of areas governed by the Salvation Government. Furthermore, there is evident reliance on Turkey within the coalition’s operations.

As Turkey enters the second phase of its elections, with expectations of President Erdogan securing a third term, reports indicate that the Syrian opposition is entering a new phase. Regardless of the election outcome, all parties are making efforts to engage with Damascus, despite the challenging nature of this cooperation.

This difficulty arises from significant complications on both the battlefield and the political front, resulting from Turkey’s extensive involvement in the Syrian war. Ankara has been attempting to separate the issue of its military presence in the north from other unresolved matters, a stance firmly rejected by Damascus. However, the door for cooperation leading to the gradual withdrawal of Turkish forces based on a specific timetable has not been completely closed.


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