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Opinion: The Hypocrisy of Crying for Charlie Hebdo

Why do Charlie Hebdo's victims deserve condolences, and innocent Syrians do not?
Opinion: The Hypocrisy of Crying for Charlie Hebdo

How provoking seeing professional criminals like Benjamin Netanyahu giving his sincere condolences for victims of the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo.


Fifty countries attended the march of solidarity, and more gave condolences to the Paris attack's victims, followed by a huge wave of public empathy from terrorist countries – those who have killed millions of Muslims – while the two accused culprits were killed without facing a judge or a court.


How far do they under-value the Syrians and their lives? Would it be to the extent of supporting Bashar al-Assad, helping him in the killing of children and raping of women? Isn't it strange that so many Syrians die each day, but Angela Merkel, Hollande, Obama – and even the Jordanian king – have not come to console the victims?


Why do Charlie Hebdo's victims deserve condolences, while innocent Syrians do not?


On the day of the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the number of Syrian killed by terrorism reached 200,000. Maybe at the time of killing its journalists, the number of journalists Assad killed may exceed the number of journalists in Paris. At the time of attacking the magazine, many Syrian children – who should only play and laugh – died of the cold and freezing weather in refugee camps.


At the time of these Syrian children's deaths, world leaders met to condemn a personal act of unidentified incentives. While Syrian children did not deny the right of freedom of belief to anyone, and yet, still they die of cold – their mothers unable to protect them.


We do not need to blame the West, as they are used to contradicting themselves, but where are the Syrian revolutionary media, the National Coalition and Council and other opposition figures?


Images of torture in Syrian prisons that Zaman al-Wasl published – the inhumane torturing of women, children and elderly. Those images inarguably condemn Assad and shabeeha, while the Kouachi brothers were convicted without trial and killed by French police.


The Western media understandably neglected the proof of war crimes published by Zaman al-Wasl, but the irony and scandal is why the revolution and opposition media neglected and also ignored it. 

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