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Opinion: America Defends ISIS and Kills Civilians

The U.S.-led coalition in Syria and Iraq has caused more damage to civilians and their infrastructure than to their declared target ISIS, Maysan Youssef writes in loyalist Al-Watan
Opinion: America Defends ISIS and Kills Civilians

Thirsty to deceive the world, America has claimed that it has formed an international coalition under its leadership to fight the Islamic State (ISIS). However, the facts on the ground dispute the American propaganda, as everything that this coalition has applied itself to doing in terms of military action in Syria and Iraq has shown that the victims are the Syrian and Iraqi people — specifically those who have no role in the ongoing war on their territory.

Since the first moment that America formed its counterfeit coalition, Syria stressed that any military action on its territory without the approval of the Syrian government would be an act of aggression, violating Syrian sovereignty and international law. However, America clung to the right of force and to exercising arrogance across the world, and insisted on aggression in Syria and other countries.

In addition, America and its coalition have not harmed ISIS or the Nusra Front, or in any way impeded their terrorism. How could they be hurt when they were produced by America to be used against Arabs and Muslims? In addition to this, time and again the fire of this coalition has targeted the Syrian Arab Army or Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization forces) in Iraq, as well as innocent Iraqi and Syrian civilians, most of them women and children — especially in Raqqa. This will continue until the number of casualties has exceeded, as described by the Syrian Foreign Ministry, the number of ISIS or Nusra members it has claimed to have killed. This is in addition to the coalition's warplanes striking the infrastructure such as bridges, oil and gas wells, dams, electricity and water plants, and public buildings, especially in Syria.

In light of this, the world and its legal, political, human rights and women’s organizations are calling for a stop to the successive crimes of America, beginning with the formation of the military alliance to violate the sovereignty of independent countries, up to the crimes of intentional killing, which America and its allies carry out against civilians under the pretext of fighting terrorism at a time when it is manufacturing and defending it.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has exposed the American crimes, documented them, and deposited them with the United Nations and its Security Council, which it continues to adhere to despite knowing that this body is disabled by the American veto. Advancing the argument is necessary despite knowing the results.

On the ground in Syria, the country is working and continuing with its allies to confront terrorism on its territory and to eradicate it — and with it, the American excuse for its presence on Syrian territory and its alleged coalition.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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