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Oil Trader and Militia Leader Hossam Qaterji Escapes; Asma al-Assad Seizes his Property

The Syrian regime has imposed house arrest on Hossam Qaterji in Yafour,, according to Syria TV.

Confidential sources within Aleppo have informed Syria TV that Asma al-Assad, the wife of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has taken control of all of Hossam Qaterji’s assets. This development comes in the wake of news of his departure from Syria, likely headed for Venezuela, following his alleged involvement in the murder of his relative, Sidra Qaterji, aged 23, early last September. Hossam Qaterji’s departure also appears to be related to escalating conflicts within the Assaneh clan.

Approximately two weeks ago, following the “Sidra” incident, all commercial enterprises and real estate ventures associated with the Qaterji family in Aleppo were shuttered. This included the closure of three hotels, the Islamic Bank (its identifying signage concealed with aluminum foil), and the law office in close proximity to the Russian consulate.

The Syrian regime places Al-Qaterji under house arrest in Yafour, in the Damascus countryside

Furthermore, the Syrian regime has imposed house arrest on Hossam Qaterji in Yafour, located in the Damascus countryside. Asma al-Assad’s appropriation of Qaterji’s assets, prompted by prior disputes with the Qaterji family over royalties, was facilitated through the Syria Trust for Development and the Office of Martyrs. The seized assets include the Araman Hotel and the Trojan Company, which handles transportation between governorates. These actions have been confirmed by a member and former leader of the Baath Party in Aleppo, as reported by Syria TV.

Killing Sidra Baraa Qaterji 

The sources have attributed Hossam Qaterji’s motive for the killing of his relative Sidra (possibly his niece, Muhammad Baraa, or his cousin, Muhammad) to her involvement with a young man from the Assaneh clan residing near her house. They claim that she collaborated with this young man in stealing $250,000 from her husband, Mahmoud Abu Bakr, who is a member of the People’s Assembly.

According to these sources, the unnamed young man was subsequently arrested and incarcerated after Hossam Qaterji’s unsuccessful attempt to assassinate him. Qaterji was able to recover the stolen funds by returning the house that the young man had purchased with the stolen money and by signing a deed of waiver from inside the prison.  

Hossam and Baraa Qaterji leave Syria 

The sources have revealed that Hossam Qaterji and his family departed Syria due to escalating disputes with the Assaneh clan. This discord culminated in armed members of the Assaneh clan launching an attack on the Araman hotel owned by the Qaterji family. The attack was reportedly in response to accusations against a young man from the Assaneh clan, alleging a romantic involvement with the deceased Sidra.

While several sources in Aleppo have affirmed that Hossam Qaterji and his family have left Syria and arrived in Venezuela, Syria TV has been unable to independently verify this information.

Back in September, media outlets closely aligned with the Syrian regime reported a murder in Aleppo. The victim was the wife of a member of the People’s Assembly, though their identity was not disclosed. The incident involved three individuals who entered the victim’s residence and opened fire, ultimately leading to the tragic death of Sidra Qaterji.

Sources have alleged that Hossam Qaterji, upon learning of Sidra’s relationship with her young neighbor, urged her husband, Mahmoud Abu Bakr, to relocate with their children to Damascus. Subsequently, he reportedly dispatched someone to carry out the fatal attack on Sidra at a later date.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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