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Editorial: Noblest Cause is Fighting Terrorism

Support for the President in fighting terror is hardening
Editorial: Noblest Cause is Fighting Terrorism

To the disappointment of the anti-Syrian and Wahhabi terrorist sponsors, the popularity of the leadership of Syria has only increased and hardened.


The more the crisis drags on, the more this popularity soars. It is commonly agreed upon by Syrians nowadays that the only savior and protector of the country is their own President Bashar Assad, and, that the only way out of the crisis is the political solution he outlined on his 6 January, 2013.


In fact, this solution, based on the Syrian referendum and President Assad's love for his people, their lives and the homeland, would end of the crisis.


It is expected that the Russian-U.S. proposed Geneva II conference would form the beginning of a political process, but not the end of the crisis that has been imposed on the Syrian people by the sheep with their petrodollars and their masters.


The crisis has led Syrians to question the positions of some western countries, especially Britain, France and the U.S., and whether their governments are more committed to the noble ideas of the French Revolution, or to petrodollars and arms deals.


Now, almost all of those who were misled at the beginning of the crisis have become aware of the danger and deadly poison of the cancerous Wahhabi and takfiri hired terrorists and killers.


Those who were misled have also lost their stability and security, as have those governments which refused to believe that the ongoing crisis in Syria was anything other than terrorism and the legitimate defense to it by the Syrian state.


It is the duty of every individual, institution and state to combat, fight and eliminate terrorism and its sponsors. Indeed this noble and humanistic goal should be second to none on the agenda of Geneva II, if not the only one.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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