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No Solution Without Change: Suweida Continues Protests and Strike

Peaceful activism within Daraa and Suweida stands as an "extraordinary occurrence" in regions under regime control, according to al-Souria Net.
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No Solution Without Change: Suweida Continues Protests and Strike

Residents in Suweida governorate are persisting in their protests and general strike for the second consecutive day. A local network has documented 16 locations of demonstrations since Monday morning.

The Suwayda 24 network has reported growing participation of villages and towns in the “general strike,” noting that “the numbers are on the rise.”

However, there exists a variation in the levels of engagement among the province’s villages that have announced their participation in the strike. Dozens of individuals have participated in protest demonstrations, leading to the blockage of roads and closure of government offices by small groups.

Unprecedented General Strike Sweeps As-Suweida: 42 Protest Locations Emerge

Both the news network and various social media platforms have shared videos depicting the ongoing protests during their second day. Additionally, footage portrays young men obstructing roads using burning tires.

Sunday bore witness to the largest demonstrations of this nature, particularly in Suweida City and the renowned Walking Square. In over 42 locations of protest, demonstrators passionately chanted slogans advocating for the downfall of the Syrian regime and the withdrawal of “occupying forces” from Syria, referring to Russia and Iran. They also echoed the phrase “Change is the only solution.”

Apart from Suweida, Daraa governorate is also undergoing popular protests. The most noteworthy gatherings were held in front of the Omari Mosque, as well as in the villages, towns of the western countryside, and al-Sanamayn.

Both Suweida and Daraa remain under the governance of the Syrian regime. The peaceful activism within these two cities stands as an “extraordinary occurrence” in regions under regime control. Instances of widespread public demonstrations have been infrequent due to stringent security measures over the past years.

The Syrian regime seldom addresses the developments unfolding in southern Syria, whether pertaining to the ongoing protests or the prevailing socioeconomic and military conditions, which have persisted for an extended period.

This current situation in southern Syria transpired following a directive from the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection to reduce partial subsidies on gasoline and diesel. This decision precipitated a state of complete standstill in the transportation sector.

Over the past few days, the Syrian government has not presented any remedies to ameliorate the living conditions within the governorates it governs. Statements from relevant ministers have predominantly sought to justify the price hike while downplaying its potential impact on inflation rates.


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