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New Sectarian Massacre in Nabuk Kills 50

Witnesses say bodies were burned and homes looted
New Sectarian Massacre in Nabuk Kills 50

Opposition activists have discovered evidence of a new massacre committed by regime forces alongside Iraqi and Lebanese militias in the city of Nabuk.


They said at least 50 civilians were killed.


Al Aks al-Ser learned that the corpses of 50 civilians from the Sallouh, Ismail and Ursali families were discovered inside one a cellar, killed in a similar manner to previous massacres committed by the members of Iraqi Zulfikar Brigade.


Eyewitnesses confirmed that the bodies were found in the basement of a building on the road to Homs. They said they bodies were charred and that regime forces looted the city and emptied it of all its contents.


The militias working alongside Assad began a sectarian genocide campaign a few days ago, which has led to the deaths of dozens of civilians in the city of Nabuk, where regime forces are now almost entirely in control after a siege that lasted 20 days.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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