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New Bylaws Change Shape of Coalition, Excludes Half its Components

Enab Baladi goes through a series of reform measures taken by the Syrian opposition coalition.
New Internal System Changes Shape of Coalition, Excludes Half its Components
New Bylaws Change Shape of Coalition, Excludes Half its Components

After nearly three months of deliberations and discussions, the Syrian National Coalition completed its statute amendment, which concluded a different system with some of its Articles. It is different in terms of the number of members operating in the coalition and the duration of the presidential term. 

Halving the number of members 

In the coalition’s previous statute, amended on June 29th, 2019, the coalition’s general body appears to be composed of 25 members, but the new system provided for the formation of a general body of only 12 members. 

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The rules of procedure ended the membership of 13 other members, including the Damascus Declaration bloc and the independent revolutionary movement. 

One notable amendment is that the Council of Syrian Tribes and Clans was represented by one member and is now represented by five members. Local councils were represented by 14 members (representing each governorate), but the representation of provincial councils became 8 members and the Councils of the North of Syria 6 members. 

The Kurdish component remained the same, but the Kurdish Independent Association was added and represented by three (3) members. 

Presidential term 

Article 8 of the new system states: “The coalition is elected by secret ballot at its first meeting, including a president, three vice-presidents, a woman, and a secretary-general for a period of 24 months, renewable once, none of whom can re-run once again after one session of office.”


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