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New Conditions for Remittance Recipients in Syria

The regime has required additional identifications for recipients of remittance in Syria, according to SYRIA TV.
New Conditions for Remittance Recipients in Syria
New Conditions for Remittance Recipients in Syria

The regime’s Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority has imposed new conditions on remittance recipients in Syria.

The Authority issued a circular demanding that domestic financial transfer companies “oblige the recipients of remittances to write their mother’s name, with the surname next to their triple name, of the recipient, in addition to signing the form by hand”.

Justifying the circular, which was publicized by Melody FM on Thursday, the commission said that the circular came “after cases of similar triple names of remittance recipients.”

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The circular was ridiculed heavily by social media users, who asked: “How can similar names be a problem when there is something called a phone number and a national identification number, in addition to the message that the recipient receives?”

The Syrian regime is cracking down on people who receive U.S. dollars and strive to transfer funds. Many citizens residing in Syria depend on the money transferred to them from their relatives and families abroad, in the face of the economic crisis and deteriorating living standards. These conditions have grown worse due to the collapsing Syrian economy and the Syrian pound’s ongoing devaluation.

Economist Ammar Youssef said in an interview with Russia’s Sputnik news agency that 70% of Syrians living inside the country depend on foreign remittances to supplement their livelihoods.


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