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National Coalition and BSS Agree on Common Vision

Syria's major political opposition groups agree on a set of principles at a joint press conference in Turkey
National Coalition and BSS Agree on Common Vision

The President of the Syrian National Coalition, Khaled Khoja, vowed on Monday to work on the establishment of safe areas in Syria with civilian administration to manage the affairs of these areas.

At a joint press conference in Istanbul with President of Building the Syrian State Current (BSS) Louay Hussein, Khoja declared the establishment of a national army for the Syrian revolution has become a major requirement to protect civilians in all areas.

Khoja also noted that the recent alliances seen in the Syrian battle fields will be the cornerstone of this army.

Hussein expressed pessimism on the possibility of finding a political solution to the Syrian conflict at the moment, claiming the Syrian regime has morphed into a "militia state unable to participate in any political process", stating the regime is not eligible to participate in any political process.

Hussein revealed the BSS has reached an agreement with the National Coalition on the "first steps to contribute to saving Syria".

In a joint statement, Khoja and Hussein stressed the Syrian Revolution stands with security, stability, the rule of law, the renunciation of violence and the establishment of civil peace. The statement went on, explaining the revolution aims to establish a constitutional system that respects the will of people, committed to human rights in building a modern and just state, based on equal citizenship in rights and duties without any discrimination based on race, religion, sex or sect. The revolution aims to establish a state that rejects any concession or penalty based on this basis completely and totally, a state that represents hope to make Syria a free homeland for all of its citizens, according to the statement.

The joint statement also stressed that while the Assad regime "destroys cities with artillery and aircrafts, kills Syrians with chemical weapons and explosive barrels, it deludes people by showing that the alternative to its criminality and tyranny is chaos, extremism and terrorism", while the fact is that this regime "embodies criminality and destruction, as it created extremism and terrorism and laid the foundations of instability and chaos in Syria".

The statement also stressed that there is "no political solution to save Syria without the departure of Assad and his clique who should have no role in the future of Syria". The statement stressed that "a comprehensive national dialogue between Syrians is the way to find acceptable solutions which will put an end to the suffering of people, and provide security and stability to the country".

The statement affirmed "the establishment of a national army for the Syrian revolution has become an urgent requirement to face the future, especially after the humiliation of the regime's army. The real victory of the revolution will culminate in the birth of the new Syrian army that will defend Syria and its people, protect the sovereignty and independence of the country and provide security and stability to all citizens in all regions. The unification of revolutionary factions are the first steps in building this army which the rebels, the Free Syrian Army officers and the free Syrians everywhere will join".

The statement concluded by stating "the document of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (issued on January 14, 2015) is the sole document of basic principles for a political settlement in Syria, a document which all Syrian opposition forces are committed to adopt".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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