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National Army Leader: Turkey Free to Normalize with Assad, No one Can Impose Anything on Us

Sejri commented on Turkey's efforts to reconcile with the Assad regime to Baladi News.
National Army Leader: Turkey Free to Normalize with Assad, No one Can Impose Anything on Us

The leader of the National Army, Mustafa Sejri, launched several tweets in which he blamed the interim government, the opposition coalition, and the leaders of the National Army for what has become of the region in northern Syria.

In a special statement to Baladi News, Sejri stated, “firm action must be taken to exclude many of the leaders in the national army’s front line due to their corruption.” He emphasized that the military should not have the power to make sovereign decisions; instead, it should be in the hands of “revolutionaries.” Sejri urged the formation of a unified revolutionary leadership that can make effective decisions on the ground and hold supreme authority.

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Sejri commented on Turkey’s efforts to reconcile with the Assad regime, stating that “if Turkey chooses to normalize relations with the regime, that is their own decision, and we will not allow anyone to impose their decision on us, no matter what. Our decision remains to unite, and just as Turkey is concerned about its interests and national security, we too prioritize our national and revolutionary security.”

When asked about the future of northern Syria in the event of a rapprochement between Turkey and the Assad regime, Sejri expressed concern that “unless a revolutionary leadership council is established quickly, the liberated areas will be at risk of disappearing. Unfortunately, we have been unable to form a unified leadership council, and the relationship between the prime minister and defence minister is merely moral, with no decision-making authority. If we do not come together now, we may end up either detained by the regime or seeking asylum in other countries.”

“We aim to transform our political and military institutions into functional bodies,” he stated, emphasizing that “authoritarian models like Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) or the SDF will not serve as a suitable model for our reform process. We categorically reject any alliance with HTS and have already made it clear that their entry into the areas of Olive Branch is unacceptable. This decision has been agreed upon and publicly announced,” he concluded.

Sejri affirmed that any individual or group that obstructs the reform process would be held accountable. “We understand that the reform process may come at a great personal cost, including the possibility of loss of life, but we are committed to it, no matter the price,” he declared.

He went on to state that if the reform process hits a dead end, the revolutionary street will be the final recourse. “The revolutionary street remains the ultimate guarantor of the revolution’s progress, and if necessary, we will turn to it to get back on track,” he added.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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