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Nasr al-Hariri Announces Coalition’s Work Program

The new work program will focus on building relations with those inside Syria
Nasr al-Hariri Announces Coalition’s Work Program

The General Secretary of the Syrian National Coalition, Nasr al-Hariri, has announced the work program for the Secretariat of the Coalition in its fourth term.


The program intersects with a joint plan put out by Hariri and some members of the Coalition to reform it and complete its structure, development and internal affairs, in addition to the role of the media.


The main points of the plan address the incubator inside Syria and the efforts to restore cohesion between the Coalition the Syrian interior through enhanced communications to convince Syrians that they are the compass by which the Coalition moves and seeks to achieve the aspirations of our people at home. This requires several things:


1.  Political transparency. Adopting the principle of absolute transparency with the Syrian people, both in terms of political decisions from the Coalition, and in explaining the reasons behind those decisions, depending on facts and persuasive arguments, so that Syrians don’t feel excluded from decision-making that affect them primarily.


This item requires the leadership of the Coalition to address Syrians with words or data simultaneously within the period of decisions, especially the critical ones within the Coalition.


It also requires mechanisms for action and to monitor the needs of people inside Syria. All available resources must be dedicated to respond to them and solicit the views of the street in the important decisions that need to be taken by the Coalition.


2. Financial transparency. Transparency should be adopted in the financial policy of the Coalition. The Coalition should clarify how it expends its resources and the assistance it receives. This requires illustrative detailed reports published periodically by the Coalition. These reports should be prepared by a third professional neutral financial party that has been proven credible. The Coalition should explain the steps followed in the application of its financial policy, and it should open the door to listen to the opinions of specialists and experts inside or outside the Coalition to the Syrian people.


3. Activate fixed headquarters for the Coalition in the Syrian interior to facilitate frequent field trips for Coalition members and release the data from these headquarters to show the sufferings, the pains and aspirations of Syrian people. These tours should coincide with concrete projects in coordination with the local councils and the interim government on the ground.


4.Clarify and arrange the relationship between the Coalition, the interim government and the local councils, in coordination with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the active battalions on the ground, to ensure the effective services on the ground.


5. Re-activate the media office and expand the scope of its effectiveness through the consolidation of the media discourse from members of the Coalition in order to avoid information and statements that may confuse the Syrian people. This requires strengthening the role of Coalition's Media Office, making it a reference media outlet for the Syrian people, a reference that expresses the identity of Syrian people through focusing on their suffering in order to monitor and mitigate it.


6. Invest the international relations for the benefit of the Syrian revolution and redraw the attention of world public opinion to the course of events in Syria.


7. Provide something tangible to the friends of Syrian people to reflect a seriousness on the part of the Coalition to move forward to resolve the Syrian case and shows its ability to manage the country's affairs without Bashar Assad.


8. Re-evaluate foreign relations with the countries that are still standing on the sidelines, and work to develop a strategy to gain support from these countries. 


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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