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MP killed in a rebel attack

A member of parliament was killed in the explosions that targeted the Ministry of Interior in Damascus Wednesday
MP killed in a rebel attack


13/12/2012 – Among that martyrs (who were killed by the explosions at the Ministry of Interior) was a member of the People's Assembly (parliament), for the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Abdullah Kayrouz.

In a statement, the Politburo of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party said that the martyrdom of Kayrouz and other Syrians in the bombings that took place on Wednesday constitute clear evidence of the heinous, undiscriminating crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

The statement said that the Syrian Social Nationalist Party condemns terrorism and extremism and holds the western, Arab and regional forces that support terrorists groups responsible for the shedding of Syrian blood.

The statement affirmed that the blood of martyrs only makes Syrians more determined to confront the conspiracy targeting their homeland, and that terrorism will not dissuade them from carrying out their national duties and defending Syria's unity and stability.

Kayrouz was born in the town of Kafer Takharim in Idleb. He assumed several posts in the Syrian Social Nationalist Party before becoming a member of its Politburo and a member of the People's Assembly for Aleppo province.



The Syrian Social Nationalist Party is a pro-Assad party whose strategy is based on caliming the greater Syria (which includes Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, an dIraq) as a united nation. It has two members in the People's Assembly (Parliament.)


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