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Moscow II: Regime Delegation Rejects List of 8,800 Detained And Missing

Government delegation refuses to assist in uncovering the fate of thousands of detained and missing inside Syria
Moscow II: Regime Delegation Rejects List of 8,800 Detained And Missing

Moscow II opposition delegate Samir al-Aita said the head of the regime delegation, Ambassador Bashar Jaafari, refused to receive a list containing the names of 8,884 detained and missing people at the hands of the Syrian government.

Aita explained that "the meeting yesterday went well, and that Jaafari's speech was better than his previous one, but the course of the meetings were bad due to Jaafari's obvious arrogance, where he missed the agenda and did not adhere to it". 

Aita added: "In the afternoon session, Jaafari was handed a paper including two points, one of them related to detainees and missing persons. Jaafari was given a list of detainees from several cities and various areas (8,884 detainees and missing persons, including women and children)".

According to Aita, the head of the government’s delegation was asked to help assist in uncovering the fate of these people, but Jafaari refused to accept the list.

"If they did not get out of this meeting at least with an agreement on a topic or two, what is the feasibility of the meeting?” Aita questioned.

The Moscow II forum commenced on Monday morning with a meeting between opposition members in the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The meeting was attended by 33 delegates from the opposition amid the absence of many prominent Syrian opposition figures, entities and formations – most notably the National Coalition.

The Head of the First Syrian National Conference, Mohammad Rahhal, walked out of the meeting between opposition representatives and the regime delegation, claiming the "opposition's representation is incorrect, and that regime's delegation is not serious, as it has not offered anything".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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