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Military Council Leaders Resign

Military Council Leaders Resign

Leaders of several military fronts and councils operating under the Chief-of-Staff of the Syrian Free Army announced their resignation on Saturday.


In a statement, the leaders addressed their revolutionary brothers, saying "we are sorry to resign from our positions as leaders and heads of military councils and the fronts of the Chief-of-Staff of the Syrian Free Army, leaving the responsibility to those of you who you choose to continue the march".


The statement did not explain the reason for the resignation, but the leaders thanked the countries that "supported the Syrian people in their quest for freedom".


Media sources said that efforts were made to convince the leaders of fronts to withdraw their resignation, to no avail.


Other sources suggested that the resignation came after the role of the Chief-of-Staff was limited and a number of opposition factions were armed by the Friends of Syria, without reference to the Staff.


Colonel Mohammed Abboud told AFP that the reason for the resignation was due to "the lack of a role for the Supreme Military Council, as the supportive countries are completely ignoring it."


Aboud said that these countries are sending military aid, including American-made anti-tank "Tao" missiles, to the factions of their choice, adding: "We thank these countries for their help, but their help is not sufficient, and very little to win the battle".


The names of the leaders who resigned are as follows:


– Colonel Abdel Basset at-Tawil, the Commander of the Northern Front

– Colonel Mustafa Hashim, Commander of the Central Western Front

– Colonel Fateh Hassoun, Commander of Homs Front

– Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Mohamed Abboud, the commander of the Eastern Front

– Colonel Afif Suleiman, the Head of the Military Council in Idlib

– Colonel Mohammed Motaz Ruslan, the  Head of the Military Council in Raqqa

– Colonel Bashar Saadeddin, Head of the Military Council in Homs

– Colonel Mohammed Awad, Head of the Military Council in the Coast

– Lieutenant Colonel Abdul-Majid Sultan, Head of the Military Council in Hassakeh


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