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Military Solution in Syria an Illusion, Geir Pederson

Pedersen announced that the Constitutional Committee would reconvene soon, according to North Press.
Pedersen Concerned over Russian War Impact on His Efforts in Syria
Military Solution in Syria an Illusion, Geir Pederson

It has become clear that a military solution is an illusion, as the conflict enters its twelfth year, Syrians continue to suffer in profound ways, and the hardship is only deepening, the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pederson, said yesterday.

12 years ago, protests were staged in Syria against the Syrian regime and called for changes, to turn later into an armed conflict with regional and international powers involved.

“The Secretary-General has noted the horrific and appalling nature of this war, and his appeal is a reminder that, above all, the Syrian people need, and deserve, a political solution to this conflict,” said Pederson in his statement.

“I continue to engage the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic, the opposition Syrian Negotiations Commission, the men and women of Syria as widely as I can, and all key international actors, with one goal in mind – to promote the implementation of Security Council resolution 2254 (2015),” said Mr. Pederson.

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“My message to all is the same: a military solution is an illusion. This was always so, but it is now plain for all to see.”

The UN Envoy said that the situation on the ground remained calm. “There have been no shifts in the frontlines for two years. We face a continuing stalemate, and at the same time, we see growing humanitarian needs and a socio-economic collapse.”

With regard to the solution, Mr. Pederson pointed out, “The way out of this impasse is for the parties to forge a political solution that can end the suffering of the Syrian people, restore Syria’s sovereignty, and enable the Syrian people to determine their own future.

As for the possibility of reaching a solid solution he noted, “It is perfectly doable if the political will is there – and there are real steps within the parties’ reach that could engender some trust and confidence.

Pederson also disclosed that the Constitutional Committee would soon meet again in Geneva.

He also touched on the situation of the detained, the abducted, and the missing people saying, “It is time to make bigger steps forward on this issue.”


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