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Militants Launch Several Attacks Against Syrian Army Troops in Idleb, Destroy M4 Highway

Militants in Idleb have launched an attack against points controlled by the Syrian army, using rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns reports Al-Masdar.
Militants Launch Several Attacks Against Syrian Army Troops in Idleb, Destroy M4 Highway

The militant forces in the Idleb countryside targeted the military points belonging to the Syrian army near the cities of Kafr Nabl and Hazarin in the southern countryside of the governorate.

Following this attack, the Syrian army responded to the ceasefire breach by heavily targeting the militants north of Kafr Nabl.

According to local reports, the militant forces have deployed their heavy weapons to the Jabal al-Zawiya front, where they later targeted the Syrian Arab Army troops.

“Terrorist groups have continued to violate the cessation of hostilities agreement and have used rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns to attack army points in Kafr Nabl and Hazarin, causing material damage,” SANA said on Tuesday.

The agency confirmed that: “The Syrian Arab Army units monitored the sources of the attacks and responded to the sources of the fire with the appropriate measures.” 

The militant forces have also destroyed a part of the M4 highway (Aleppo-Lattakia) to protest the Russian-Turkish patrols that are supposed to take place along this roadway. 

According to reports and photos released from the area, the militants cutoff the M4 highway by removing a part of the road and replacing it with a dirt mound. 

This move by the militant forces comes just two days after the Russian and Turkish troops were supposed to conduct joint patrols along this strategic highway that stretches several kilometers across northern Syria.

On Sunday, the Russian and Turkish forces were blocked from continuing their patrols along the highway when a group of 60 protesters obstructed the roadway and forced them to seek an alternative route.


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