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Member of Political Security Directorate Arrested in Ayn Minin

Abu Rakan al-Ahmar was arrested for allegedly demanding money for citizens and stealing products from local stores reports Sowt Al-Asima.
Member of Political Security Directorate Arrested in Ayn Minin

Last week, patrols belonging to the Political Security Directorate arrested one of their own members, who was stationed in the town of Ayn Minin in the Damascus countryside. The arrest came after townspeople complained about said member to the branch head.

A Sowt Al-Asima correspondent stressed that the arrest of Abu Rakan al-Ahmar — one of the branch members stationed at the central al-Bahra roundabout — came at the direct orders of the Political Security head in the city of al-Tall.

The complaints against Ahmar said that he imposed royalties on the people of the region, in addition to stealing merchandise from shops located in the proximity of where he was stationed, according to the correspondent.

The regime’s intelligence apparatus had previously arrested a number of members in the neighboring city of al-Tall in the Damascus countryside. The Military Intelligence Directorate and the Political Security Directorate joined forces in mid-June and arrested two members, in a raid that targeted their homes in the central Wadi Hanonaa region.

The arrest coincided with others at the Tayba checkpoint, which is under the supervision of the Political Security Directorate, and is located in the Harnah region at the eastern entrance to al-Tall. 

Also, Political Security and Military Intelligence carried out raids during which they arrested Haitham al-Sawadi, who is known as “al-Ba’ra”, a leader of one of the militia families in al-Tall, al-Sawadi’s brother, Mohammed, called “The Bulb”, in addition to more than 30 members of his group. The arrest happened during a raid that targeted the road that leads to the Military Hospital in al-Tall.


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