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Maher Assad Fine, Attends Military Meetings

Maher is said to be well and continuing with his work as Commander of the Fourth Armored Division
Maher Assad Fine, Attends Military Meetings

Informed sources have told Damas Post that President Bashar Assad's brother, Brigadier General Maher Assad is comfortable with the situation in Syria and certain the crisis will end with the victory of Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people.


the sources said he is sure that Damascus and most of the other governorates "remain under the sovereignty of Syrian state."


The sources said that Maher, who is the leader of the elite Fourth Amored Division of Syrian Army is continuing with his daily work and regularly attends the meetings of the military and security leaders.


The sources clarified his position as a security man, not only a military one, and that is why he chooses when to appear, whether there is a crisis or not.


Maher Assad is the third son of former President Hafez Assad, and the subject of many rumors due to his mysterious character and infrequent appearances.


Maher was born in 1967, and studied mechanical engineering at Damascus University before joining the military faculty. He now occupies the position of Commander of the Fourth Armored Division, in addition to his position as a member in Baath Party Central Committee.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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