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Liberation of Khan Sheikhoun Lead to a Defeat for the Turkish Regime

Retired Brigadier-General Haitham Hassoun believes that the fall of Khan Sheikhoun will lead to the defeat of the Turkish regime in Idleb and Hama writes The Syria Times.
Liberation of Khan Sheikhoun Lead to a Defeat for the Turkish Regime

A military and strategic expert has asserted that the liberation of Khan Sheikhoun will tighten the noose around the terrorist strongholds in the northern countryside of Hama and it will lead to a direct military defeat for the Turkish occupation forces in the Morek area and in the east of the city.

Retired Brigadier-General Haitham Hassoun told the The Syria Times e-newspaper that the importance of Khan Sheikhoun lies in the fact that it is the terrorists’ largest stronghold in southern Idleb.

“The liberation of this city will lead to the recapture of the other terrorists’ strongholds in the north of Hama with less human and material cost, and it will put the southern part of the Hama-Aleppo road under the supervision of Syrian army for the first time. It will also be a moral defeat for terrorist organizations on all fronts,” the expert added. 

As for Turkish regime’s attempts to hinder Syrian army’s advance in Idleb, the retired officer made it clear that Turkey has been informed about the Syrian army’s determination to liberate Idleb militarily after the failure of Turkey to abide by its obligations agreed at the Sochi talks.

“Any move by the Turkish occupation forces will be firmly confronted and this was translated into action when the Turkish regime tried yesterday to send vehicles loaded with ammunition, weapons and equipment across the Syrian-Turkish borders to the defeated terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun,”  the military expert stressed. 

He underscored that the Turkish regime can’t hinder the Syrian army’s military operations, but it will go ahead with offering logistic support to terrorists without direct involvement in the fighting with the Syrian army.

“The Turkish enemy will not be involved in a direct battle with the Syrian army because this will result in a major regional war,”   Retired Brigadier-General Hassoun concluded.


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