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Legally, No Honor Killings in Syria After Today

A draft law has been approved by parliament that would repeal a law, which allowed for the honor killing of adulterous partners reports Jesr.
Legally, No Honor Killings in Syria After Today

The regime parliament has approved a draft law repealing an article that had provided excuses and lightened punishments for carrying out so-called honor killings.

The law, sent by the executive authorities to the parliament four days earlier, repealed Article 548 of the Penal Code issued in Legislative Decree No. 148 for the year 1949 and its amendments, which had been modified, so that its text before it was repealed read:

  • Those who surprise his wife or a relative in the midst of proven adultery or indecent sexual intercourse with another person, and then proceeds without premeditation to kill or harm them, or kill or harm one of them, shall benefit from mitigating excuse.
  • Those who kill or harm shall benefit from mitigating excuse if he surprises his wife or a relative in a suspicious circumstance with another. 

Parliament member Ahmed Merai said that not one MP objected to the draft law.

The Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee discussed the draft law, which included repealing this article and said it was permissible to review it constitutionally, before parliament members voted to repeal it.


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