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Lebanon Prepares Plan to Hand Over Syrian Detainees to Assad

Lebanon is trying to amend an agreement with Syria on extradition of detainees, according to al-Souria Net.
Lebanon Prepares Plan to Hand Over Syrian Detainees to Assad

The head of Lebanese security, Major General Elias al-Baissari, has announced the formulation of a plan aimed at facilitating the transfer of Syrian detainees to the Assad regime.

Baissari disclosed to the Lebanese newspaper al-Joumhouria on Friday that he is “developing a plan in coordination with the Minister of Justice and the Public Prosecution of Cassation, overseen by the Minister of Interior, to facilitate the deportation of a certain number of prisoners.”

Emphasizing the necessity of timing, Baissari highlighted that his forthcoming visit to Syria for discussions on the detainees’ status “requires prior agreement between the Syrian and Lebanese authorities.”

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During his visit, he intends to “lay the groundwork and initiate negotiations regarding the potential transfer of detainees.”

Baissari underscored that under Lebanese law, individuals convicted of terrorism offences are prohibited from being repatriated and must serve their entire sentence within Lebanon.

According to reports, the treaty between Lebanon and Syria prohibits the extradition of detainees, whether convicted or imprisoned and outlines two conditions.

The first condition stipulates that “the detainee consents to being handed over to Syrian authorities for trial.”

The second condition involves “restitution,” wherein the Syrian government requests the return of detainees implicated in serious crimes. This process requires a thorough examination and a government decree, as Lebanese judicial law prohibits the extradition of detainees to Syria.

Regarding the treaty, Baissari emphasized that “state agreements are subject to revision, as they are not static but can be amended if all concerned parties agree to do so.”


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