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Leaked Document Names 958 Deceased Regime Army Officers

List sheds light on the names of regime casualties, including scores of high-ranking officers and members of Syria’s intelligence community
Leaked Document Names 958 Deceased Regime Army Officers

Zaman al-Wasl has obtained a list of 958 Syrian army officers’ names killed during the course of the Syrian conflict, including the dates and circumstances of death.

At least 70 of the fallen officers were of high-ranking positions, including Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel and Major.

According to the list, most deaths resulted from military operations such as battles, explosions and traps, while others were killed in road accidents, or died due to heart attacks, as in the case of Lieutenant General Bassam Antakiya.

The list includes the names of other officers and non-commissioned officers from different military bases – the 4th and 5th Brigades, the Republican Guards, and the Special Forces – while others were security members from Syria’s Air Force Intelligence, the military security, State Security and General Intelligence.

Among the list are members from the Popular Committees and three other officers from the Palestinian Liberation Army.

Surprisingly, the list also shed light on the killing of three officers outside the county, namely in Yemen and Algeria.

In October 2011, the Syrian regime confessed to the killing of eight pilots and injuring two more after destroying their plane in a Yemeni city. Official sources claimed the accident was due to a technical fault, refusing to release any details about the names military ranks of the victims. The pilots were in Yemen as part of the Arabic Convention to exchange military experiences, according to official sources.

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