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Kremlin Denies Claims Russian Airforces Killed 150 Civilians in Idleb

Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson says all strikes over the past week had exclusively targeted Nusra positions, official media reports
Kremlin Denies Claims Russian Airforces Killed 150 Civilians in Idleb

Moscow denied reports on Thursday that Russian airforces killed 150 civilians in Syria’s Idleb province, claiming the targets were terrorist positions.

Defense Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov said the reports peddled by Western media were based on false claims by Syrian Civil Defense workers.

"The attempt of the British [press] to pass these war scammers off as a new brand of objective information sources is a manipulation for amateurs,” he said.

Russian warplanes do not carry out airstrikes on residential neighborhoods to avoid civilian casualties, the spokesperson said, adding: "The targets are terrorist bases, armored vehicles and munitions depots, identified with unmanned devices and confirmed through other channels.”

Konashenkov stressed that all airstrikes in the province of Idleb over the past week had been concentrated on equipment, reserves and personnel belonging to the Nusra Front group. He added that the militants were planning a surprise offensive to rescue terrorists from Akerbat in eastern Hama.

"The actions of Russian planes in Syria derailed this operation, and the terrorists participating in it were destroyed,” he said.

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