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Jordan Calls for Lasting Political Solution in Syria

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi has called for a greater Arab role in finding a lasting political solution in Syria, according to BALADI NEWS.
Jordan Calls for Lasting Political Solution in Syria

On Tuesday, Safadi said during a dialogue session — entitled “New Security Engineering in the Middle East” — that engaging in a political solution is the only answer in Syria. He called for a greater Arab role in finding this solution. 

The minister stressed the need to bring the Syrian crisis to an end, identifying the acceleration of the political process as the only way to achieve this objective. 

Safadi called for creating a new mechanism that would allow Arab countries to play a role in finding a solution to the Syrian crisis, which focuses on the interests of the Syrian people and Syria’s territories. 

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He stressed the need to move away from established positions and replace them with equitable procedures, which can be used in all crises. 

Safadi stressed that the problem was not the perspective of this country or another; rather, Syria’s reality affects all countries in the region. In this context, these countries cannot afford more failed states.

In January, Safadi made similar remarks in an interview with CNN, saying at the time that “his country is trying to find a path toward a political solution, in coordination with the United States and other partners. Everyone agrees on the impossibility of a military solution to the conflict in Syria. The crisis has caused a lot of suffering and destruction and we cannot settle for policies that maintain the status quo.”


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