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Jamil, Shehadeh Announce They Are Abroad

Reports say Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil has taken an open vacancy in Moscow
Jamil, Shehadeh Announce They Are Abroad

Two leaders from the Syrian government announced on Monday that they had left Damascus to reside permanently outside Syria.


Member of Parliament Sharif Shehadeh confirmed through opposition channels that he is now in the Belgian capital Brussels, because he and his family received death threats from armed groups.


"I, along with my children have been threatened with death. My bodyguard was killed and my car was blown up," he said.


Shehadeh had been the subject of assassination attempts in Qudsaya and Baramkeh in Damascus previously.


Meanwhile, reports have emerged that Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil has taken an open vacancy and that he will reside with his family in Moscow.


Jamil, in an interview with Russia Today, said that he currently resides in Geneva as a representative of the internal opposition and that he regarded his presence there as proof that the efforts towards a conference on Syria are making progress.


He said that there had been individual and unofficial contacts with the opposition abroad, including the Syrian National Coalition.


"If the opposition abroad agrees to go to Geneva, we will sit at the same table with them," he said. Analysts consider that the departure of Jamil and Shehadeh is an attempt by the regime to polish their image in order for them to join the opposition's delegation in Geneva II, which is tentatively scheduled to be held next month.




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