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Jaafari and Nebenzya Accuse Western Countries of Protecting “Terrorists in Syria”

Permanent Representatives of Syria and Russia at the UN have lashed out at the actions of Western states and accused them of protected terrorists in Syria writes SANA.
Jaafari and Nebenzya Accuse Western Countries of Protecting “Terrorists in Syria”

Syrian and Russian UN permanent representatives criticized western countries for their role in the UN Security Council.

Syria’s Bashar al-Jaafari lambasted the feverish efforts of member countries on the Security Council to destabilize the security of states in the region, in the interests of those governments and their hostile agendas.

“Erdogan’s regime has expanded the spread of its military interferences and horrible crimes, in addition to its support for terrorism against other states in the area, and this poses threats to international peace and security” Jaafari said at a session for the Security Council via video.

He added that the crimes of the Turkish regime will never change the legal situation of the Syrian territories it occupies, “They won’t hurt Syria’s sovereignty or its legal rights.”

Jaafari went on to say that the US administration and the European Union continue their economic terrorism against Syria by imposing unilateral coercive measures, aiming to tighten the noose around civilians and deprive them from food, medicine and essential medical supplies along with preventing the reconstruction process and the return of the displaced.

The Syrian diplomat pointed to the Turkish regime’s renunciation of its commitments and obligations regarding the Astana meetings and Sochi understanding on Idleb, as it established “The Separation Wall” on parts of the Syrian territories.

He added that Syria is looking forward to the participation of the states, which believe in international law and the provisions of the convention, at the international conference to be held on Nov. 11-12, 2020, about the Syrian displaced.

“Syria has never waited to engage in the political process. It openly participated in Geneva talks, Moscow consultations and Astana meetings, dealing positively with the outcomes of the Syrian National Dialogue conference in Sochi, as seen by the forming of the Constitutional Committee, and it also took part in constructive and serious dialogue with the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen,” Jaafari asserted.

“Syria hopes that the committee succeeds in the mission assigned to it, but this success can’t be achieved without ensuring non-interference in its affairs in any way and by any side”, Jaafari added. 

For his part, Russia’s Permanent Representative at the UN Vasily Nebenzya stressed that some western countries continue their attempts to protect terrorists in Syria.

Russia Today quoted Nebenzya as saying that the representatives of some western countries insist on using press reports, which are of questionable credibility, to get acquainted with what is going on in Syria and to use those reports’ information in the meetings of the UN Security Council.

His speech came in response to the speech of his German Counterpart, Christoph Heusgen, which relied on alleged reports by The New York Times newspaper on civilian causalities in Idleb. 

Nebnezia said that Russia has repeatedly criticized The New York Times’ articles for publishing false information about the situation in Russia.

Nebnezia expressed wonder about the repeated calls of some of his western colleagues for a ceasefire across Syria, despite all the military operations aimed at combating terrorism, and about whom they are trying to protect through these calls.


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