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Israeli Soldiers Killed in Surprise Hezbollah Attack

Hezbollah hits Israeli military convoy in Shebaa Farms, inflicting losses in personnel and equipment
Israeli Soldiers Killed in Surprise Hezbollah Attack

Hezbollah’s Quneitra Martyrs Brigade targeted an Israeli military convoy with rockets on Wednesday morning.


The convoy included a number of vehicles and several Israeli officers and soldiers, according to a statement issued by Hezbollah.


Hezbollah claimed the operation, which took place in the Burket al-Naqqar area south of occupied Shebaa Farms, resulted in enemy losses, in addition to destroying a number of vehicles.


The Lebanese National News Agency (NNA) reported that an Israeli soldier was captured during the operation in Shebaa.


Earlier, news broke that a number of Israeli soldiers were killed and others were wounded after an Israeli convoy was ambushed in Burket al-Naqqar area in Shebaa Farms.


There have been conflicting reports concerning the number of the casualties amid an Israeli media blackout, although media outlets have mentioned four to 15 Israeli soldiers were killed with more injured.


Reports also claim that nine Israeli army vehicles were hit in the operation.

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