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Israel Says Iranian and Syrian Forces Targeted in New Attack on Damascus

Israeli planes fired a number of missiles at Iranian and Syrian targets in Damascus, hitting a number of their targets, while other missiles were intercepted reports Al-Masdar.
Israel Says Iranian and Syrian Forces Targeted in New Attack on Damascus

The Israeli Armed Forces launched a new attack over southwestern Syria in the early hours of Wednesday, as they fired several missiles towards the Syrian capital, Damascus.

According to local sources, several explosions were heard over the skies of Damascus on Wednesday morning, when the Syrian air defenses confronted the hostile attack, conducted by the Israeli Defense Forces.

The sources pointed out that some of the Israeli missiles managed to hit their intended targets, causing a couple of powerful explosions inside the Syrian capital.

The Israeli army spokesman, Jonathan Conricus, said that the army bombed eight targets belonging to the Iranian and Syrian forces, after dismantling explosive devices at the Alpha Line in the demilitarized zone of the occupied Golan Heights

Conricus said in a press briefing, “Yesterday we found another group of IEDs in the Golan Heights inside Israeli territory. Another attempt by the Iranian (Quds Force) forces to plant explosive devices, carried out by the Syrians, but  on the instructions of the Iranian Quds Forces.”

The Israeli military spokesman pointed out that the IEDs were planted near a site that had witnessed a similar attempt last August.

Conricus said that, “we just struck various Iranian Quds Force and Syrian Air Force military targets in Syria, in response to IEDs placed against our troops (discovered earlier today). We hold the Syrian regime and Iran responsible.”

The spokesman also stated that he had no information about whether the Russian side had been notified this time, but Israel, “always informed the Russian forces that the safety of the Russian forces in Syria is of great importance to the Israeli army.”

The attack took place at 3:11 A.M. (Damascus Time), when the Israeli Defense Forces’ aircraft fired several missiles from the occupied Golan Heights towards the Syrian capital.

A report from the Syrian army said that at least three soldiers were killed in the Israeli attack, while a number of others were wounded and later taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

This latest attack by the Israeli Defense Forces marks the first time since late August that they have targeted the Syrian capital.


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