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Israel Hits Iran and Hezbollah in Southern Syria

An Israeli attack on Tel al-Hara and Tel al-Ahmar and Nabaa al-Sakhr has killed a number of fighters and caused material damage to Iranian and Hezbollah positions reports Etihad Press.
Israel Hits Iran and Hezbollah in Southern Syria

Various areas in southern Syria, where Iranian militias and the Lebanese group Hezbollah are positioned, were subjected to an Israeli bombardment, inflicting human and material losses.

Regime media said that air defense missiles in southern Syria (Quneitra, the western Daraa countryside) at 01:00 A.M. on Wednesday, engaged an Israeli bombardment that targeted Tel al-Hara and Tel al-Ahmar and Nabaa al-Sakhr, as well as positions southwest of Damascus, and that the losses resulting from the Israeli attack were limited to material losses.

The targeted positions included bases of the regime, Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Local sources said that the bombardment of military points in Nabaa al-Sakhr and Tel Ahmar in Quneitra, adjacent to Tel al-Hara in Daraa, left dead and wounded, who were transferred to the Mamdouh Abaza hospital in Quneitra.

The Masyaf area in the western Hama countryside was hit by an Israeli attack on Sunday, as part of the continued airstrikes carried out by Israel against military targets on Syrian territory, targeting the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its militias (sectarian, of various nationalities) as well as Hezbollah positions and others of the regime army.


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