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Israel Bombs Damascus Airport Again Only Hours After Reopening

Despite repeated Israeli airstrikes on Damascus and Aleppo international airports, the Assad regime remains silent, Sawt al-Asima writes.

Media sources affiliated with the Assad regime reported that the runway of Damascus International Airport was targeted within the past 24 hours, following its recent return to service, in Israeli raids on the evening of November 26th. The sources did not disclose the extent of material and human losses resulting from the attacks.

A publication associated with the regime’s media stated that Damascus International Airport was subjected to Israeli aggression, according to preliminary information, without providing specific details on the damage. It confirmed the occurrence of strong explosions in Damascus as a consequence of the Israeli raids.

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As of now, media linked to the Assad regime has not issued statements regarding measures taken to “confront” the Israeli raids. However, they did acknowledge the sound of explosions in Damascus and observed smoke rising in the Mezzeh, Moadamiya, and Sumaria areas. There are reports of Israeli shelling targeting regime military sites, including Damascus International Airport.

Sawt al-Asima Sources confirmed that Damascus International Airport is currently out of service due to Israeli airstrikes targeting its runways. It was noted that Israeli planes carried out two separate rounds of air raids, initially targeting air defence systems followed by the runways of Damascus International Airport.

Intelligence sources affiliated with the Assad regime estimated that within 48 hours, there were approximately 23 hours of intense aerial activity over southern and central Syria and the vicinity of the capital, Damascus. This was attributed to “Nachshon Oron 452 of the 122nd Squadron in the Israeli enemy air force,” with hostile warplanes flying near the Sea of Galilee on multiple occasions. The sources expressed a heightened risk of aggression against Syria, estimating that Israeli planes were in flight for more than 23 hours during this period.

Cham Wings Airlines had previously announced the resumption of services at Damascus International Airport, redirecting incoming flights to Aleppo and Lattakia airports. However, with the recent developments, it is confirmed that Damascus International Airport is once again out of service.

It is worth noting that Israeli planes have repeatedly targeted Damascus and Aleppo international airports. The Israeli occupation army stated that these attacks were in response to mortar shells launched from Syria, with a pledge to target additional sites in Syria in the coming days. Meanwhile, the Assad regime has not responded to calls from its loyalists, citing the need for the right time and place for a reaction.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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