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ISIS Storms Shahba Press Office

Aleppo reporter Milad Shehabi was kidnapped
ISIS Storms Shahba Press Office

A group of 20 members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) besieged the Shahba Press office, related to the rival Tawhid Brigade early Sunday, kidnapping reporter Milad Shehabi.


Shahabi was reporting on the Masaken Hanano neighborhood and working as the manager of the Masaken Hanano News Network.


A source from Aleppo told All4Syria that the siege of the building lasted for more than one hour and that none of the military factions in Aleppo intervened, despite the fact that the office is only 200 meters from the Shariah Commission and the headquarters of the military police in Aleppo.


Shahba Press Agency said in a statement that a group of unknown armed men stormed the office and assaulted its crew. Masaken Hanano News Network said in a statement that the crew was beaten before the arresting their colleague Shehabi.


The Agency said that they hold the kidnappers responsible for his health and safety and consider the arrest a crime against the revolution media and “a pathetic attempt to cover up the crimes committed recently in Aleppo”.


Shehabi had worked for the agency since it was established one year ago. He had reported on massacres being committed in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.


He had been threatened several times before, but had reported ceaselessly on the rebel in Aleppo.


Regime forces had previously arrested his brother, Amir Shehabi two years ago because of his revolutionary activities. He has been in detention since.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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