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Iranian Revolutionary Guard Evacuates T4 Military Airport in Homs

Iranian militias emptied the T4 military airport in eastern Homs and transported its equipment to another one in the south of the governorate, according to Baladi News.
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Evacuates T4 Military Airport in Homs
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Evacuates T4 Military Airport in Homs

Informed sources revealed that Iranian militias emptied the T4 military airport in the eastern countryside of Homs, and transported its equipment to the Shayrat airbase in the south of the governorate (in the center of the country).

Ain al-Furat (Eye of the Euphrates, anti-regime, editor’s note) quoted unnamed sources saying that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia transported heavy military equipment in four trucks, including “communications equipment, heavy artillery, electric motors, and ammunition boxes” from T4 military airport, east of Homs, to the Shayrat airbase.

The site’s sources explained that the transfer process will occur in stages until the airport is emptied of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia, and transported towards the Shayrat airbase, and other sites based on understandings with the Russian side in order to avoid being targeted by airstrikes.

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The sources stressed that regime forces, along with Russian military police, will replace Iranian militias after the completion of the evacuation of the T4 airport and the completion of the transfer of equipment.

The positions of the IRGC militias and its militias deployed in Syria were subjected to a series of airstrikes between September 4th and mid-October.

Finally, a series of evidence emerged confirming that the raids, which are suspected of being Israeli, despite Israel’s silence, failed to achieve their goal of hitting the IRGC’s drone systems at the airport. This airport is considered one of the largest Iranian bases that contain ammunition and drones.

Russia evacuated a large part of its troops from the T4 airport in February 2021, following a dispute with Iranian militias over who should be stationed at the airport. The Iranian militias rejected a demand by the Russian base of Hemeimeem to evacuate the airport, arguing that their presence inside the T4 preceded the presence of Russian troops. Therefore, the Russians had to leave the airport, after which Russia began sending reinforcements to the airport that ended with a sudden withdrawal from the airport, according to similar sources.


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