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Iran Withdraws Part of its Militias from Syria

The militias have been recalled to Iran to face escalating civilian protests, according to Orient News.
Iran Withdraws Part of its Militias from Syria

Intelligence Online revealed that the Iranian regime has withdrawn part of its existing militias that support the Assad regime’s government in Syria. The militias have been recalled to Iran to face escalating civilian protests in areas witnessing security tensions.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) militia is facing difficulties in Iran, as the regime has begun reviewing the redeployment of Shiite militias in Syria, Iraq and even Lebanon in order to adapt them to the escalating situation in areas of Iran witnessing tensions.

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IRGC commander Ismail Qaani has had to strengthen its military apparatus to counter the ongoing popular protests. This has required repatriating some of the IRGC’s militiamen deployed in Syria, where the battlefronts no longer need their presence.

The website said that entire groups of Zeinabiyoun Fatemiyoun militias, made up of Shiite fighters from Pakistan and Afghanistan, have returned to Iran’s most tense provinces, Sistan and Baluchistan.

In this regard, the website indicated that Iran operated flights from Damascus to Tehran through the Iranian companies Mahan Air and Iran Air to transport members of these militias.

The same thing happened with members of the Popular Mobilization Forces, whose members were transported overland to Iran, while members of the Hezbollah militia were transported from Beirut to Tehran by planes of the Iranian private sector company Mirage.


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