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Iran: US Is ‘Busy Occupying Syria and Plundering Its Oil and Wealth’

Majid Takht Ravanchi has condemned the US for stealing Syria's wealth and hindering efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in the country reports Al-Masdar.
Iran: US Is ‘Busy Occupying Syria and Plundering Its Oil and Wealth’

Iran’s permanent representative to the UN, Majid Takht Ravanchi, said on Wednesday that the unilateral embargo measures against Syria and Iran are illegal, inhuman and doomed to failure.

Ravanchi accused the US forces of being “busy occupying parts of Syria and plundering the oil and wealth of the country.”

Ravanchi statements came during a meeting of the UN Security Council on Syria, during which he confirmed that some countries, by imposing unilateral embargo measures against the Syrian people and preventing international efforts aimed at the return of Syrian refugees and displaced persons, are creating obstacles to the political process, which seek to prolong the crisis in Syria and impose their will on the Syrian people.

“At a time when the Syrian people are suffering from the pressures resulting from the outbreak of the coronavirus in their country, the imposition of US unilateral embargoes is increasing their suffering, and we strongly condemn that,” he said.

In the same context, he welcomed the efforts made, such as the UN measures to solve the political solution to the Syrian crisis.

The Iranian ambassador and permanent representative to the UN called for the necessity of the continuous fight against terrorists in Syria, to root them out and to oppose any separatist attempts in the country.

Ravanchi called for the immediate and full withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

“All foreign forces, whose presence is not permitted by the Syrian government, must leave Syria”, the diplomat told a UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday, in an apparent nod to the US.

He questioned the current role of American forces in Syria, insisting that instead of fighting terrorism, they, “continue supporting UN-designated terrorist groups such as al-Nusra Front as well as looting the oil and wealth of the Syrian people.”


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