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Internal Opposition Calls for Dismissal of Damascus Government

The Path of Peaceful Change calls for internal dialogue and the implementation of a national unity government, according to Etihad Press. 
Internal Opposition Calls for Dismissal of Damascus Government

The Path of Peaceful Change opposition movement has called for the dismissal of the current Damascus government because the latter did not play an active role in the current crisis and its mission was limited to merely justifying whatever is happening, according to the movement.

Opposition leader, Fateh Jamous, published, through his Facebook account, a statement issued by the movement calling for internal dialogue and urging the implementation of the concept of ​​a national unity government. This government’s tasks would be limited to tackling the financial crisis and the availability of money, as well as putting forward detailed, practical plans that are capable of helping every needy family and securing some of their basic needs.

The opposition movement suggested sending out unified messages from the internal opposition to European capitals and international organizations to explain the miserable situation of the Syrians, call for the lifting of sanctions on Syria, and the lifting of the Caesar Act.

The statement addressed the issue of corruption in the supply chain, calling for the formation of civil society committees to monitor prices and prevent their rise. It also called for the recovery of the money that the corrupt have stolen and the imposition of high taxes on major traders and industrialists.

The Path of Peaceful Change is one of the active opposition movements in Syria. It has previously called, on more than one occasion, to unify the internal opposition and enter into dialogue with the Syrian authorities in order to reach a solution to the crisis.

On Saturday, March 27, a conference will be held, the first of its kind in nine years, which will bring together the opposition Syrian political forces in the capital Damascus, with the aim of establishing the National Democratic Front.


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