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Interim PM Ahmad Tomeh’s Speech

The Syrian opposition interim PM gave a speech after he was elected. Below is the full text as was published by the National Coalition
Interim PM Ahmad Tomeh’s Speech

In the name of God, the most Compassionate; the Merciful


Brothers and sisters,


Dear friends on the path of freedom,


Your Excellency, President of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces


Your Excellencies, Vice Presidents


Your Excellency, Secretary General


Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces


As we stand on the threshold of a bright new era for Syria, we ask God for mercy for the Syrian heroes who sacrificed their lives for freedom and dignity.


As we treat the wounded, asking God for their speedy recovery; as we tend to children orphaned by war, we acknowledge the huge responsibility incumbent upon us due to the huge sacrifices made by the Syrian people.


The Syrian people embody the concept of heroic resistance in front of the entire world.


The Syrian people hold their lives in their hands since they took to the streets, calling for freedom and the rejection of slavery. They have been fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, and working together to create a better Syria.


Syria – a country of brotherhood, unity, and tolerance. Syria – a country destroyed by the criminal Assad regime and family, but will be rebuilt by its children.


This government has been formed to serve the Syrian people. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. This government has been formed help us accomplish the goals of the Revolution, and it will set the stage for our second independence.


Just like the Revolution made them a legend, the Syrian people will build a new Syria that will be a true beacon of freedom and dignify.


Great people of Syria, your government will create a strategic plan to execute this new phase. It will work on the ground to support the efforts of the Supreme Military Council in organizing and developing military institutions. It will support and provide humanitarian access and workers to ensure delivery of assistance to those in need. It will lay the foundations of effective national institutions. It will restore order and security, protect people's property, revive the economy and invest in national resources to serve the welfare of the Syrian people.


Great people of Syria, the confidence you have placed in me is a huge responsibility. But I urge you to join me in shouldering this responsibility. The challenges are immense, but we can overcome them with patience and unity. We face many challenges. The most important of which is ending the destruction of our land, our people and our future. We must be united. We must work as one. We need to work together to implement a plan ensuring only those who are qualified will be working in the area of their expertise.


We have to be patient to achieve the ultimate goal. We must realize the challenges are great and the road is long, but we have placed our trust in God.


We must realize that the road to independence is difficult, but we have travelled it twice before. As our forefathers sacrificed their lives to achieve Syria's first independence and build a free, independent republic, we will continue, with God's help, until we achieve our second independence and build a new Syria. Syria will be a republic for all Syrians. It will be a republic that respects its people's rights. The government will ensure equality and justice – the principles of the great Revolution.


The birth of this new government will mean the revival of our schools, universities, hospitals and economy. The Syrian people deserve a better life and a better future.


Your government will represent you and will replace the traces of the era of exploitation with fairness. All rights will be restored. There will be no discrimination in the new Syria. There will be national unity.


Great people of Syria, the Syrian Revolution is a revolution to save Syria. It is a revolution for all Syrians. In the new Syria everyone's rights will be respected. There will be no unlawful imprisonment and no one will be denied citizenship.


Together we will build our national institutions and an army that will repel aggression and not the very people it should protect. Syria will again be strong and active – regionally and internationally. It will contribute to the good of humanity. It will adhere to its commitments and obligations. It will not accept human rights violations.


As the Syrian people ask for more support in their struggle, they will not forget the governments and peoples that stood by them.


Brothers and sisters


Dear friends on the path of freedom


Let us ensure generations to come have a better future – worthy of the sacrifices of our Syrian brethren.


Let us remember on the day of victory our heroes. Let us raise our sons and daughters up high, because we have promised that the sacrifices of our loved ones will not be in vain. Let us repay their sacrifices.


It is time to work. There is no place for complacency, complaint or regret.


Let us get to work. Let us unite.


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