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Inside the “Ghouta Prison”

For those that remained, life in eastern Ghouta has become a daily struggle, with security campaigns and forced conscription reports Alsouria Net
Inside the “Ghouta Prison”

The cities of eastern Ghouta have witnessed a number of incidents imposed by Assad regime security forces, which fully control the area, and which control the public life of the residents who preferred to stay in their houses and refused to leave for northern Syria.

Alsouria Net spoke with two young men from the cities of Douma and Arbain (who asked not to be named for security reasons) on Monday, and they spoke about the incidents eastern Ghouta had seen, saying that the region had become like a “big prison” where it is unknown what is happening inside.

The man who lives in Douma said that the city had since last Thursday seen raids and the arrest of over 50 young men by regime security agencies, with the aim of conscription and arresting people wanted by security who did not accept settlements.

The young man said that the arrests were concentrated primarily at checkpoints in the city, controlled by the al-Khateeb Branch of the State Security Directorate.

The man who lives in Arbain added that the city was also seeing major security campaigns by Assad’s forces, which begin suddenly, and are not limited to young men but also include women.

He said that the arrests are done during surprise campaigns and others through raids at security checkpoints throughout the region controlled by the Palestine Branch and Political Security.

According to the man, civilians in Arbain were surprised over the last few days by the precautionary seizures of their property, while going to get reconstruction permits to repair their houses.

The man said that this was not related to the person’s political background but was thought to be related to the organizational plan currently being prepared for Arbain, which was 70 percent destroyed.

Since it was taken by Assad’s forces in the first months of 2018, eastern Ghouta has been absent from the scene in Syria’s events, with little information about the residents there who refused to leave for northern Syria.

Russia had announced multiple times that it was carrying out military patrols in Ghouta, especially in Douma, with its deployment primarily concentrated there.

Meanwhile Assad’s forces have set up checkpoints in most cities and towns, with each one controlled by one security branch or another, including Military Security, Air Force Intelligence, and Political Security.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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