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Information Minister…Terrorist Groups became the US Arm in Region

"The US successive administrations recognize that Syria is not a playground for their policies," Syria's Information Minister Minister says in Moscow
Information Minister…Terrorist Groups became the US Arm in Region


MOSCOW, (SANA)-Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said the armed terrorist groups became "an arm" for the US in the military and political field, adding "The US has attempted to overthrow Syria through the Iraqi or the Lebanese gate, or through direct tools like Israel.


"The US successive administrations recognize that Syria is not a playground for their policies," the Minister said during a meeting with leadership and activities of the Syrian-Russian Friendship Association in Moscow on Monday.


He added that the Arab League decision regarding Syria contradicts its convention, affirming that any decision at the UN will not be legal, even if Syria's membership at the international Organization will be suspended, they will not be able to abolish the recognition of it.


"The real partner to Syria in all developments will be Russia, this opinion is not mine.. it is the opinion of the Syrian people and leadership," the Minister said. Al-Zoubi added that the goal of conflict in the world has never changed.. all historic events stress that there is a conflict among the interests of superpowers, but besides this conflict there is another between good and bad.


For his part, the Syrian Ambassador in Moscow Riad Haddad talked about the political and diplomatic war against Syria and about Qatar's destructive role aiming at killing the Syrian citizens.


He said that they gave Syria seat at the Arab League to the so-called opposition and they want to repeat this at the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, then at the UN.


Alexander Dzasokhov, Chairman of the Syrian-Russian Friendship Association said that Russia, as people and leadership, has a unified stance to support Syria in its struggle against this global war.


At a lecture delivered in the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Minister al-Zoubi pointed out to the strong relations between Syria and Russia throughout history.


"Syria is a secular state which has been always a target for extremism and extremists.. Syria is facing Arab and western mass media which do not know what is really going on the Syrian land," The Minister said.


He added that Syria is paying the price of that secularism, coexistence and religious diversity where it gathers 18 languages including the Aramaic language of the Christ.


"Syria has documents revealing that US officers are training, photographing and giving aids to the mercenaries who belong to the culture of al-Qaeda of Jabhat al-Nusra, Liwa al-Tawhid and many others," the Minister went on saying. 


He added "we are confident that the crisis in Syria will come to an end due to the awareness of the Syrian people and through the help of the Russian people and leadership led by President Vladimir Putin.


In a televised interview with ITAR TASS, the Minister affirmed that the Syrian government was the first who called for the political internal dialogue since May, 2011, this political dialogue has to be among the Syrians and there no relation to al-Qaeda or Jabhat al-Nusra.


He affirmed that the political program presented by President Bashar al-Assad on January 6th, 2013 is a comprehensive political, social and economic program, saying "this program is not a mere political vision, but there is a timetable for implementing it… the US, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia hinder and obstruct any dialogue or carrying out this program."


On the possibility of sending petroleum from regions in northern Syria to the EU countries, al-Zoubi said "there are main countries in the EU like France and Britain which are involved in the events in Syria..Their intelligence work in Syria and the neighboring regions.. They are involved in shedding the Syrian blood since the outbreak of events, so the EU decision is not surprising.



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