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Information Minister: The State Will Sever Every Hand that Exploited the War

Zoubi claims Syrian government will move to punish every individual who has benefited from the war in Syria, regardless of their political stance
Information Minister: The State Will Sever Every Hand that Exploited the War

Syria’s Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, said the Syrian state has decided it will punish all war opportunists, regardless of their political stance, saying: “(the Syrian government) will cut off every hand that has exploited and taken advantage of the war”, be it those on the opposition or the pro-government side, irrespective of whether they took up arms or not.

Speaking to Syrian TV in an interview on Thursday, Zoubi noted the war being waged against Syria is not simple, but rather “complicated and systemized” while the country’s battle is “long and continuous”.

The minister said the two major elements in the battle are the military institutions and the sturdiness of the ‘internal front’, assuring that the Syrians’ morale is quite high.

Zoubi called on this internal front to exhibit awareness and act with responsibility to face “the war of rumors” and to not be influenced by misinformation spread through media outlets.

He said the intensified activity of rumor spreading by hostile sides indicates their frustration as they fail to “break the will of the Syrian people.”

The minister noted Syrian citizens remain targeted by the systematic approach of the war, through a flood of misinformation, fabricated news, rumors and fatwas circulated by many TV stations and media experts and practiced by political figures from various Western and Arab countries.

Commenting on the situation in the cities of Idleb and Jisr al-Shughour, where a large-scale terrorist assault was recently launched, Zoubi said thousands of terrorists had entered the two cities from across the Turkish border. The minister claimed the terrorists were equipped with advanced weapons and backed by Turkish covering fire, adding that the army has decided to place civilians’ safety above all else and not destroy the two cities in response.

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