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Increase in Crimes Carried out by University Students in Syria

People are worried by the prospect of university students, who should know better, committing murder writes Al-Watan
Increase in Crimes Carried out by University Students in Syria

A judicial source revealed that there has been a number of cases involving university students committing murders, including against their relatives.

In one of the crimes committed, a pharmacy student killed his relative after entering her home with the aim of robbing it. He used a piece of steel to kill her and then burned the corpse so that his crime would not be discovered.

During an interrogation, he confessed to the robbery, saying that the victim raised him but that he wanted the gold she possessed.

While the number of cases in the criminal courts relating to university students is not large it is worryingly dangerous because they were carried out by a class of people that should be educated and know to avoid these sorts of crimes.

The source said that some students had dropped out of university to in order to find employment, which led them to meet people that pushed them to carry out these crimes, noting that this phenomenon and the cases that had occurred could not be considered major.

Lawyer Ahmed al-Bakri said that the murders committed by the university students were incidental cases which occurred in all societies. He said that the crime conflicted with their education and that the educated classes were aware of the danger of these crimes and the negative impact on society.

In a statement to Al-Watan, Bakri said that the reasons for the crimes included a psychological factor, which can affect all people, including university students. He said that the tension resulting from the crisis played a major role especially considering that there were many who had lost their families.

Bakri said that the crime of murder had dangerous implications for society, and for whoever perpetrated them. He stressed the need for awareness among individuals, especially in light of the current circumstances the country is undergoing.

The General Penal Code considers murder a crime, with the punishment varying based on the nature of each crime, but can be as high as the death penalty if it was premeditated. If the crime was not planned the punishment is reduced.

The law says that the punishment for accidents is reduced since the killer did not intend to cause death, and this is determined during the investigation into the crime.

The law does not distinguish between men and women in carrying out crimes or between university students or others. If guilt is proven then everyone is punished equally, regardless of educational level.



This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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